Hindu temple: Quiz

Question 1: A Hindu temple or Mandir (Sanskrit: मन्दिर) is a place of worship for followers of ________.
HinduismAyyavazhiBuddhismIndian religions

Question 2: There are also dates and times for devotional dances such as the classical Bharata Natyam dance performed by accomplished ________ performers.
African-American danceBalletDanceConcert dance

Question 3: These are followed by a series of shlokas or verses from the holy texts such as the ________, Upanishads or Vedas.
MahabharataVyadha GitaBhagavad GitaKrishna

Question 4: The word mandir or mandira is used in many languages, including ________, and is derived from a Sanskrit word, mandira, for 'house' (of a deity by implication).
Punjabi languagePaliHindiHindustani language

Question 5: Temples in India are typically surrounded by small stores called 'dukan' (Hindi) which offer them typically wrapped in organic containers such as ________ leaves.
Papua New GuineaCoconutPhilippinesBanana

Question 6: A picture of most temples is the presence of murtis (images) of the ________ to whom the temple is dedicated.
AvatarRamaHinduismHindu deities

Question 7: The oldest temples that were built of ________ and wood no longer exist.

Question 8: In India, theoretically, a temple is managed by a temple board ________ that administers its finances, management and events.
QuorumParliamentary procedureCommitteeChairman

Question 9: Temples are known as Gudi, Devalayam or Kovela in Telugu, as Devasthana or Gudi in ________ and Mondir (মন্দির) in Bengali, as Kshetram or Ambalam in Malayalam.
KannadigaTamil languageKannada literatureKannada language

Question 10: Temple construction in ________ started nearly 2000 years ago.
IndiaLok SabhaIndia and the Non-Aligned MovementResearch and Analysis Wing

Source: The Full Wiki (http://quiz.thefullwiki.org/Hindu_temple)