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Hindu–German Conspiracy: Quiz


Question 1: In April, Jatin's chief lieutenant ________ met with the Helfferichs and was informed of the expected arrival of the Maverick with arms.
Rash Behari BoseJugantarAnushilan SamitiManabendra Nath Roy

Question 2: Ominously, in 1919, the ________ began in the wake of Amir Habibullah's assassination and institution of Amanullah in a system blatantly influenced by the Kabul mission.
Third Anglo-Afghan WarSecond Anglo-Afghan WarAfghanistanFirst Anglo-Afghan War

Question 3: Thirteen of the men sentenced to die later had their sentences commuted to ________.
Capital punishmentLife imprisonmentSentence (law)Life imprisonment (England and Wales)

Question 4: Nearly 400 men joined the mutiny, of whom eighty-eight were subsequently ________.
MilitaryJudge Advocate General's CorpsCourt-martialDesertion

Question 5: [59] Kartar Singh escaped from Lahore, but was arrested in ________, and V.

Question 6: It viewed the Congress-led mainstream movement for ________ modest and the latter's constitutional methods as soft.
British EmpireDominionSaint HelenaTurks and Caicos Islands

Question 7: The ________, as well as responses preceding and succeeding it, contrary to being an isolated incident, was the end result of a concerted plan of response from the Punjab administration to suppress such a conspiracy.
Jallianwala Bagh massacreIndian independence movementRevolutionary movement for Indian independenceHindu–German Conspiracy

Question 8: [178] Famous awardees include ________, Robert Goheen, Philip Talbot, Anita Desai and SAKHI and Joseph Elder.
The GuideGrandmother's TaleR. K. NarayanMalgudi

Question 9: [139] Strong public support in favour of the Indians, especially the revived Anglophobic sentiments following the colonial provisions of the ________, allowed the Ghadarite movement to be revived despite British concerns.
World War ITreaty of TrianonLeague of NationsTreaty of Versailles

Question 10: German and Turkish passengers were seized from the American vessel China by the 'HMS Laurentic at the mouth of the ________.
HubeiYangtze RiverJiangsuShanghai

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