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Question 1: The Gandhara Hindko Board has published the first ________ of the language and its launching ceremony was held on March 16, 2003.
WordNetLexicographyDictionaryBilingual dictionary

Question 2: The Pashto word "Hindko" (which is a condensation of "hindaku") means "Indian", a term the Pashtun people gave to the people who migrated from "hind" which according to them was immediately east of the ________.
Indus RiverIndus River DeltaGanges DeltaGanges Basin

Question 3: However the people of the largest group in the districts of Haripur, Abbottabad and Mansehra are sometimes recognised collectively as Hazarawal, named after the defunct ________ that comprised these districts.
Punjab (Pakistan)Mansehra DistrictNorth-West Frontier ProvinceHazara, Pakistan

Question 4: Meanwhile, the vernacular language of the masses, Prakrit developed into many tongues and dialects which spread over the northern parts of ________.
Brāhmī scriptSouth AsiaPunjabi languageIndia

Question 5: The language is spoken in the areas of the ________ (including Hazara), Punjab (including Attock), and Pakistan Administered Kashmir by an estimated 2.2 to 4 million people.
North-West Frontier ProvincePeshawarPunjab (Pakistan)Sindh

Question 6: In Peshawar city they are called Peshawari or "Kharay" by Pashtuns meaning City-dwellers or ________.
North-West Frontier ProvinceHindko languageHindkowansPunjab (Pakistan)

Question 7: [5] Hindko speakers are also found throughout Afghanistan, where they are known as Hindkis, and are also primarily practice ________.
BuddhismHinduismAyyavazhiIndian religions

Question 8: Some Hindko speakers are found in northern India because after the partition of India, many ________ Hindko speakers emigrated to India, preserving their language and passing it on to their children.

Question 9: [7] The term is also found in Greek references to the mountainous region in eastern ________ and northern Pakistan as Καύκασος Ινδικός (Caucasus Indicus).
AfghanistanNATONon-Aligned MovementCentral Intelligence Agency


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