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Himalayan Wolf: Quiz


Question 1: The range of Wolves in question is confined to small pockets in India, Kashmir, into ________ and Mongolia.
Religion in ChinaProvince (China)ChinaTime in China

Question 2: The Himalayan region, also home to the Indian Wolf and the ________, is the only geographical location in the entire world were these three species of wolves exist, thereby supporting the theory that the Indian region is the most likely place of modern wolf evolution.
CoyoteGray WolfRaccoonCougar

Question 3: They claim that the Himalayan wolf separated from the ________ approximately 800,000 years ago.
Gray WolfCougarRaccoonCoyote

Question 4: They inhabit the coniferous forests of the southern slopes of the ________ - including the Makalu Barun National Park in eastern Nepal - which is home to many other unique species.
Hindu KushDeccan PlateauWestern GhatsHimalayas

Question 5: The experts suggest that ________ data shows that the Himalayan wolf may be a new subspecies and perhaps even a distinct species.
Aspartate transaminaseMitochondrial DNATransfer RNAMitochondrion

Question 6: for recognition as a critically endangered canid species distinct from ________.
CougarRaccoonGray WolfCoyote

Question 7: This proposal has not been recognized by the editors of Mammal Species of the World, who consider the animals to be Tibetan wolves (Canis lupus chanco), a subspecies of the ________.
CougarCoyoteRaccoonGray Wolf


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