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Hill people: Quiz


Question 1: The ________ (1878 – 1891) involved two warring families of the West Virginia-Kentucky backcountry along the Tug Fork River, off the Big Sandy River.
Simon Bolivar BucknerAmerican Civil WarBuster KeatonHatfield-McCoy feud

Question 2: The people of these mountains have very diverse origins, with cultures influenced by periods of Turkic, Iranian and ________ control.
UkraineRussian cultureRussian diasporaRussians

Question 3: Fruit, vegetables and sheep flourish in the fertile valley of ________.
SrinagarJammu and KashmirJammuKashmir

Question 4: What does the following picture show?

  Empress Zewditu ruled Ethiopia from 1916 until her death in April 1930.
  Old sadhu with white beard in Nepal.
  A Swiss playing alphorn near a mountain lake
  A Quechua girl and her llama in Cuzco

Question 5: Their economy was based on the potato crop, which originated in the area, and the llama and ________, used for their wool and meat.

Question 6: It is the westernmost extension of the Pamir Mountains, the Karakoram Range, and is a sub-range of the ________.
HimalayasHindu KushDeccan PlateauWestern Ghats

Question 7: The highest peak is ________ (2,376 m).
Vasil LevskiBulgariansRadetzky (steamship)Hristo Botev

Question 8: Basque tribes were already mentioned in Roman times by ________ and Pliny, including the Vascones, the Aquitani and others.

Question 9: The Balkans are home to people speaking Slavic languages (Serbs, Croats, ________ and Macedonians), Romanian (related to Italian), Turkish, Greek, Albanian and other languages.
Bulgarian literatureBulgarian Orthodox ChurchFirst Bulgarian EmpireBulgarians

Question 10: They fall into one of two groups, speakers of the Papuan languages and later arrivals who speak ________.
Hmong-Mien languagesAustronesian languagesSino-Tibetan languagesMayan languages


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