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Question 1: Hill forts with strong walls are often located beside old ________ and have an offensive character, whereas others are reclusive and were weakly fortified, probably only for hiding during raids.
Trade routeIncense RouteSpice tradeSilk Road

Question 2: In ________, there are 1100 known hill forts with a strong concentration on the northern west coast and in eastern Svealand.

Question 3: Castro de Coaña, ________, Spain

Question 4: 1300 BC - 750 BC) ________
Deverel-Rimbury cultureBronze Age BritainAncient Near EastBronze Age

Question 5: For example, Solsbury Hill was sacked and deserted during the ________ invasions of southern Britain in the 1st century BC.

Question 6: In ________, ring forts can be from the Pre-Roman Iron Age, but findings from the period 200 AD- 600 AD dominate.
GotlandBaltic SeaÖlandSaaremaa

Question 7: Only in Södermanland, there are 300, in Uppland 150, Östergötland 130 and Bohuslän and ________ 90-100 each.
Baltic SeaGotlandSaaremaaÖland

Question 8: Most piliakalniai are located near rivers and are endangered by ________: many have partly collapsed as the flooded river has washed out the base of the hill.
ErosionMouth barRiver deltaDune

Question 9: One was to protect Vilnius, the capital, and the other line in ________, was a major target for both orders.

Question 10: Lithuania has hill forts dating from the Bronze Age in the ________.
5th century BC1st millennium BC6th century BC8th century BC


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