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Hilbert's problems: Quiz


Question 1: Both Grothendieck and Deligne were awarded the ________.
Shing-Tung YauFields MedalGrigori PerelmanJohn G. Thompson

Question 2: The "24th problem" (in proof theory, on a criterion for ________ and general methods) was rediscovered in Hilbert's original manuscript notes by German historian Rüdiger Thiele during 2000.
Immanuel KantSimplicityDavid HumeBertrand Russell

Question 3: That leaves 8 (the ________) and 12 unresolved, both being in the field of number theory.
Prime number theoremRiemann zeta functionRiemann hypothesisPrime number

Question 4: During 2008, ________ announced its own list of 23 problems which it hoped could cause major mathematical breakthroughs, "thereby strengthening the scientific and technological capabilities of DoD".
Defense Contract Audit AgencyDARPANational Security AgencyDefense Human Resources Activity

Question 5: The first of the Weil conjectures was proved by Bernard Dwork, and a completely different proof of the first two conjectures via l-adic cohomology was given by ________.
Alexander GrothendieckMichael AtiyahJean-Pierre SerreDavid Mumford

Question 6: One of the exceptions is furnished by three conjectures made by André Weil during the late 1940s (the ________).
Elliptic curveÉtale cohomologyNumber theoryWeil conjectures

Question 7: ________ 1996, originally published 1970, Hilbert, Springer-Verlag New York, ISBN 0-387-94678-8.
United StatesJulia RobinsonDavid HilbertConstance Reid

Question 8: A wealth of information relevant to Hilbert's "program" and Gödel's impact on the Second Question, the impact of Arend Heyting's and Brouwer's ________ on Hilbert's philosophy.
Mathematical logicIntuitionismIntuitionistic logicLogic

Question 9: most modern number theorists would probably see the 9th problem as referring to the (conjectural) Langlands correspondence on representations of the absolute Galois group of a ________.
Algebraic number theoryField (mathematics)Vector spaceAlgebraic number field

Question 10: Hilbert's problems are a list of twenty-three problems in mathematics published by German mathematician ________ in 1900.
Mathematical logicGeorg CantorDavid HilbertKurt Gödel


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