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Question 1: Hiking is an outdoor activity which consists of ________ in natural environments, often on hiking trails.
RunningGait (human)BipedalismWalking

Question 2: For example, gathering wood in an alpine area to start a fire may be harmless if done once (except for ________ risk).
Wildfire suppressionWildfireFire lookout towerHotshot crew

Question 3: Specific accidents include metabolic imbalances (such as ________ or hypothermia), topical injuries (such as frostbite or sunburn), attacks by animals, or internal injuries (such as ankle sprain).
HyponatremiaDiabetic ketoacidosisDehydrationHypernatremia

Question 4: Hikers often seek beautiful ________ in which to hike.
Natural environmentNatureEarthEcology

Question 5: Hiking a long-distance trail[3] from end-to-end is also referred to as trekking and as thru-hiking in some places, for example on the ________ (AT) or Long Trail (LT) in Vermont.
Appalachian TrailUpper Delaware Scenic and Recreational RiverGateway National Recreation AreaWallkill River National Wildlife Refuge

Question 6: ________ use tramping (particularly for overnight and longer trips), walking or bushwalking.
NauruAustraliaNew ZealandUnited Kingdom

Question 7: For example, in 2005, a Czech backpacker burned 7% of Torres del Paine National Park in ________ by knocking over an illegal gas portable stove.

Question 8: In extreme cases of bushwhacking where the vegetation is so dense that human passage is impeded, a ________ is used to clear a pathway.

Question 9: ________ – AKA waterfall hunting and waterfall hiking is hiking with the purpose of finding and enjoying waterfalls
United StatesUnited KingdomCanadaWaterfall

Question 10: derek was here and gone In the United States and ________, hiking refers to cross-country walking of a longer duration than a simple walk and usually over terrain where hiking boots are required.
EnglandCanadaUnited KingdomWales


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