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Question 1: [1] The ________ word literally means curtain or cover (noun), based on the root حجب meaning "to cover, to veil, to shelter".
Egyptian ArabicAncient North ArabianArabic languageModern Standard Arabic

Question 2: Part of a series on
Islamic Jurisprudence

– a discipline of ________
Islamic theologyIslamic studiesMuslim worldSharia

Question 3: Three of the four ________ Madh'hab, or schools of law, require that the knees be covered; the Maliki school recommends but does not require knee covering.
HadithSunni IslamRashidunIslamic schools and branches

Question 4: In more secular Muslim nations, such as Turkey or Tunisia, many women are choosing to wear the Hijab, ________, Niqab, etc.
Sex segregation and IslamJilbābNiqābBurqa

Question 5: The following verses give special directives to the ________ though some commentators believe that all women should imitate their example.
Criticism of MuhammadMilitary career of MuhammadMuhammad's wivesDiplomatic career of Muhammad

Question 6: Wearing of the hijab was enforced by the Taliban regime in Afghanistan, and is enforced in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and in the ________.
History of IranIranEconomy of IranIran–Iraq War

Question 7: ________'s criminal code allows the flogging or fining of anyone who “violates public morality or wears indecent clothing”, albeit without defining "indecent clothing",
South AfricaNigeriaKenyaSudan

Question 8: However, Qur'ān ________ and commentators translate the Arabic into English words with a general meaning, such as veils, head-coverings and shawls.

Question 9: [2][3] According to Islamic scholarship, hijab is given the wider meaning of ________, privacy, and morality;[4] the word for a headscarf or veil used in the Qur'an is khimār (خمار) and not hijab.
NudityChristian naturismIndecent exposureModesty

Question 10: Some Muslims believe hijab covering for women should be compulsory as part of ________, i.e.
Islamic ethicsIslamFiqhSharia

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