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Question 1: A freeway, highway or motorway refers to a divided ________ with limited access, and at least two lanes in either direction.
High-quality dual carriagewayDual carriagewayRegional roadSingle carriageway

Question 2: Widest highway (maximum number of lanes): The Katy Freeway (part of Interstate 10) in ________, Texas, has a total of 26 lanes in some sections as of 2007.
Sugar Land, TexasBellaire, TexasGreater HoustonHouston

Question 3:
What role did John C. McGinley play in the movie Highway?
Burt Miranda
Johnny the Fox
Jack Hayes

Question 4: The first freeway in ________ was built between the cities of Malmö and Lund in the Skåne County in southern Sweden.

Question 5: A highway is a main road for travel by the public between important destinations, such as ________, large towns, and states.
MunicipalityIndependent cityCityCounty

Question 6: The word highway is generally used to mean major roads connecting large cities, towns and different parts of ________.
Megalopolis (city type)Metropolitan areaMegacityLos Angeles

Question 7: Highest international highway: The ________, between Pakistan and China, is at an altitude of 4,693 m/15,397 ft.
N-5 National HighwayGilgitKarakoram HighwayMakran Coastal Highway

Question 8: In ________, highways (or expressway/freeway) are named "rodovia", and Brazilian highways are divided in two types: regional highways (generally of less importance and entirely inside of one state) and national highways (of major importance to the country).
MozambiqueEast TimorPortugalBrazil

Question 9:
Who played Kid #1 the movie Highway?
John C. McGinley
Jarret Thomas
Jake Gyllenhaal
Jared Leto

Question 10: continues westward across Manitoba, Saskatchewan, ________, and British Columbia.

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