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Question 1: ________, for example, has three public higher education systems: the 11-campus University of California, the 23-campus California State University, and the 109-campus California Community Colleges System.
CaliforniaSan Jose, CaliforniaSacramento, CaliforniaLos Angeles

Question 2: Among these, some are secular while others are involved in ________.
Language educationMusic educationReligious educationSex education

Question 3: Several states offer scholarships that allow students to attend free of tuition or at lesser cost; examples include HOPE in Georgia and Bright Futures in ________.
MassachusettsNorth CarolinaFloridaNew Jersey

Question 4: Except for the ________ and staff colleges, the federal government does not directly regulate universities, although it can give federal grants to them.
United States Merchant Marine AcademyUnited States Naval AcademyUnited States Military AcademyUnited States Service academies

Question 5: According to the ________, in 1995 alone, U.S.
Harvard UniversityMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyBoston UniversityNortheastern University

Question 6: The accreditation agencies rate universities and colleges on criteria such as academic quality—the quality of their ________, the publishing records of their faculty, and the degrees which their faculty hold.
Islamic Golden AgeBookItalyLibrary

Question 7: In the United States, the term ________ is frequently used to refer to stand-alone higher level education institutions that are not components of a university as well as to refer to components within a university.
Gymnasium (school)Middle schoolCollegePublic school (government funded)

Question 8: According to ________[2] the US has the second largest number of higher education institutions in the world, with a total of 5,758, an average of more than 115 per state.
United Nations High Commissioner for RefugeesUNICEFUNESCOSpecial Court for Sierra Leone

Question 9: Two-year colleges (often but not always ________) usually offer the associate's degree such as an Associate of Arts (A.A.).
SchoolUniversityCommunity collegePublic school (government funded)

Question 10: Government Accountability Office (GAO) investigations revealed the relative ease with which a ________ can be created and bogus degrees obtained.
Diploma millUnited StatesEducational accreditationUnited Kingdom


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