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Higher education in Portugal: Quiz


Question 1: The Portuguese universities have been the exclusive granters of master's and ________ in the country and are to this day the major source of research and development in Portugal.
Doctor (title)Postgraduate educationAcademic degreeDoctorate

Question 2: Total expenditure (public and private) in R&D was 0.78% of the GDP, which had reached 0.85% in 2001, when the European average was 1.98% for the then-15 ________ member-states.
DenmarkGermanyEuropean UnionEuropean Parliament

Question 3: Portugal is an active member of Socrates programme and ________ exchange scheme.
IcelandEuropean UnionErasmus ProgrammeEuropean Economic Area

Question 4: Three of them are located in Lisbon, the capital of Portugal (four considering also the Lisbon University Institute ________, a large public university institute).
Minho UniversityAveiro UniversityUniversidade AbertaLisbon University Institute

Question 5: In 1973 a new wave of state-run universities opened in Lisbon - the New University of Lisbon, ________ - the Minho University and Évora - the University of Évora.
PortoCoimbraPóvoa de VarzimBraga

Question 6: With the advent of the Republic, the University of Lisbon and the ________ were created in 1911.
University of BergenMinho UniversityUniversity of PortoTechnical University of Madrid

Question 7: According to the study, using as an example medicine, it shows that 73,2% of the 2003/2004 medicine freshman admitted to Portuguese ________ have graduated parents.
Private schoolUniversityCollegeGymnasium (school)

Question 8: [5] Only university institutions carry out fundamental research in addition to ________.
Research and developmentSwedenEuropean UnionJapan

Question 9: Throughout history it transferred between ________ and Lisbon several times, definitely settling in Coimbra during the 16th century (1537).

Question 10: The institutions in this programme include: the Instituto Superior de Ciências do Trabalho e da Empresa (only in management), Minho University, New University of Lisbon, Catholic University of Portugal (only in management), Technical University of Lisbon, University of Coimbra, and the ________.
University of MurciaTechnical University of MadridUniversity of BergenUniversity of Porto


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