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Higher consciousness: Quiz


Question 1: Every individual human being has their own store of conditioning based on their unique past experiences, their '________'.
Objectivity (philosophy)Reality tunnelImmanuel KantRobert Anton Wilson

Question 2: These defilements are the result of conditioning (Skt:samskara), accumulations in the unconscious caused by past actions (________) .

Question 3: One prerequisite for the development of consciousness is the understanding that ________ and alienation are one's own responsibility and dependent on the mind's acquiescence (through ignorance, for example).

Question 4: In shamanic practices, changes in states of consciousness are induced by activities that create trance states, such as drumming, dancing, fasting, sensory deprivation, exposure to extremes of temperature, or the use of ________.
PhencyclidineKetamineMDMAPsychoactive drug

Question 5: The Psychology of Man's Possible Evolution, ________, Online Version
RussiaFourth WayP. D. OuspenskyG. I. Gurdjieff

Question 6: In the spiritual traditions of India, consciousness is understood to be obscured by defilements (Skt: ________) which are compared to clouds covering the sun.
Kleśā (Buddhism)BuddhismVedanāVijñāna

Question 7: In a spiritual context, It may also be associated with transcendence, spiritual enlightenment, and union with the ________.

Question 8: Higher consciousness is generally regarded as a developed state of consciousness in which aspects of the mind, such as thought, perception and ________, are improved, refined and enhanced.
AttentionExecutive functionsMemoryCognitive psychology

Question 9: Through the application of such knowledge (traditionally the preserve of the world's great ________) to practical self-management, the awakening and development of faculties dormant in the ordinary human being is achieved.
Relationship between religion and scienceSoulAtheismReligion

Question 10: In a secular context, higher consciousness is usually associated with exceptional control over one's ________ and will, intellectual and moral enlightenment, and profound personal growth.
MonismMindAristotleGottfried Leibniz


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