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Question 1: The first practical application of high-speed photography was ________'s 1878 investigation into whether horses' feet were actually all off the ground at once during a gallop.
Eadweard MuybridgeThe PhotographerFilmSacramento, California

Question 2: Bell Telephone Laboratories was one of the first customers for a camera developed by ________ in the early 1930s[1].
MotorolaPhotographyDigital single-lens reflex cameraEastman Kodak

Question 3: Kodak eventually shifted its film from acetate base to Estar (Kodak's name for a ________-equivalent plastic), which enhanced the strength and allowed it to be pulled faster.
AluminiumPolyethylene terephthalatePolyesterPET film (biaxially oriented)

Question 4: Advancing the idea of the stroboscope, researchers began using ________ to stop high speed motion.
X-rayLaser applicationsHeliumLaser

Question 5: Eventually, the Kodak group managed to develop the HG2000, a camera that could run at 1000 frame/s with a 512 x 384 ________ sensor for 2 seconds.
Display resolutionColor Graphics AdapterPixelRGB color model

Question 6: High speed photography can be considered to be the opposite of ________.
Shutter speedColor temperatureTime-lapseHigh dynamic range imaging

Question 7: The introduction of ________ sensor technology again revolutionized high-speed photography in the 1990s and serves as a classic example of a disruptive technology.
CMOSIntegrated circuitMOSFETLogic gate

Question 8: Amber was purchased by Raytheon, the Amber design team left and formed Indigo, and Indigo is now owned by ________.
Intel CorporationFLIR SystemsAmazon.comDell

Question 9: The first patent of an Active Pixel Sensor (APS), submitted by ________'s Eric Fossum, led to the spin-off of Photobit, which was eventually bought by Micron Technology.
Table Mountain ObservatoryQuikSCATNASAJet Propulsion Laboratory

Question 10: By adding an ________ to a CCD, it is possible to capture a single frame of a very fast event.
Image intensifierCaesiumOxygenAntimony

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