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Question 1: HESH was found to be surprisingly effective against metallic armour as well, although the British already had effective weapons using HEAT, such as the ________.
Lee-EnfieldPIATBoys anti-tank rifleLewis Gun

Question 2: It was fielded chiefly by the ________ as the main explosive round of its main battle tanks during the Cold War.
Royal Military PoliceBritish ArmyBritish Armed ForcesTerritorial Army (United Kingdom)

Question 3: HESH was for some time a competitor to the more common HEAT round, again in combination with recoilless rifles as infantry weapons and was effective against tanks such as the ________ and T-62.

Question 4: HESH was developed by Charles Dennistoun Burney in the 1940s for the British war effort, originally as an anti-fortification "wallbuster" munition for use against ________.

Question 5: While only effective against tanks without spaced armor or spall liners, the round is still highly favored for combat ________ purposes.
DemolitionConstructionNew Haven, ConnecticutTampa Stadium

Question 6: This also led to British developments in ________ as a means to deliver the shell.
Recoilless rifleShotgunCarl Gustav recoilless rifleAnti-tank warfare

Question 7: It was also used by other military forces, particularly those that acquired the early post-World War 2 British 105 mm ________, including Sweden, India, and Israel.
Centurion tankChieftain tankChallenger 1Conqueror tank

Question 8: In the ________, it is known as HEP, for "High Explosive, Plastic".
CanadaPhilippinesAlaskaUnited States

Question 9: "Spall liners", made of materials such as ________, are commonly fitted to the interior surface of the armour where it acts to retain any spall that does occur.
KevlarNomexDuPontWallace Carothers

Question 10: A 165 mm HESH round is used by the ________ for the main gun of the M728 Combat Engineer Vehicle, an M60 tank equipped with a bulldozer blade.
United States Army AfricaUnited States ArmyUnited States Marine CorpsUnited States armed forces

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