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High endothelial venules: Quiz


Question 1: HEV cells express ________, which are specific adhesion molecules that attach to the lymphocytes and anchor them to the HEV wall in preparation for crossing the endothelium.
IntegrinTalin proteinL-selectinCD44

Question 2: HEVs enable ________ circulating in the blood to directly enter a lymph node (by crossing through the HEV).
Adaptive immune systemLymphocyteImmune systemThymocyte

Question 3: In order for an adaptive immune response to occur ________ need to be activated.
T cellCytotoxic T cellT helper cellRegulatory T cell

Question 4: [3] Another characteristic of HEVs, revealed by light-microscopic examination, is the presence of a large number of ________ within their walls.
ThymocyteAdaptive immune systemImmune systemLymphocyte

Question 5: HEV cuboidal endothelial cells express the adhesion molecules GlyCAM-1 (in mucosal HEV this is MadCAM-1), ICAM-1 and ________.

Question 6: ________: High endothelial venules
Regulatory T cellT cellT helper cellCytotoxic T cell


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