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Question 1: Kevin's Cross, ________, a 12th century cross, well preserved, made of granite.
GlendaloughCounty WicklowWicklow WayBray

Question 2: The 13 foot, 5 tonne sandstone cross was completed in 2007 and shipped from ________ to Portland, Oregon, where it will stand as a Famine memorial.
DonegalBallyshannonLetterkennyCounty Donegal

Question 3: They have probably more often survived as well; most recorded crosses in Britain were destroyed or damaged by ________ after the Reformation.
Ten CommandmentsByzantine IconoclasmIconoclasmOrthodox Church

Question 4: The two Moone High Crosses, in ________ near Moone.
GalwayIrelandCounty KildareCounty Kilkenny

Question 5: Muiredach's Cross and West Cross at Monasterboice, ________
County SligoCounty LouthCounty KilkennyCounty Wexford

Question 6: The High Crosses were status symbols, either for a ________ or for a sponsor or patron, Preaching crosses, and may have had other functions.
MonkChristian monasticismMonasteryMonasticism

Question 7: A fragmentary cross has been discovered in Granhammar in Vintrosa parish in Närke, ________ and testify to the English mission in the central Swedish provinces.

Question 8: They were raised primarily in Ireland, and Britain during the ________ and sometimes later.
High Middle AgesEarly Middle AgesKievan Rus'Byzantine Empire

Question 9: High Crosses are the primary surviving monumental works of Insular art, and the largest number in Britain survive from areas that remained under ________ until relatively late.
Britons (historical)Celtic artCeltsCeltic Christianity

Question 10: [1] The high cross tradition also probably helped increase the popularity of raising ________ (often with engraved crosses) in Sweden.

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