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High School! Kimengumi: Quiz


Question 1: The theme songs, with the exceptions of the fifth ending and insert Nakuko mo Warau Kimengumi, were performed by various sub-groups or former members of ________:
Eri NittaYukiko Iwai (Onyanko Club)Onyanko ClubMarina Watanabe

Question 2: High School! Kimengumi: The Table Hockey for ________[6]
PlayStation 3PlayStation PortablePlayStationPlayStation 2

Question 3: High School! Kimengumi for the ________, an adventure game
Zilog Z80Home computerFloppy diskMSX

Question 4: Kimengumi is an episodic chronicle of the bizarre adventures of a group of misfit junior high school (and later, ________) boys who form a club known as the "Kimengumi".
Public school (government funded)High schoolGymnasium (school)Secondary education

Question 5: The title literally translates to High School! Funny-face Club or High School! Weird Face Club.[1] An ________ TV series (1985-1987) and movie (1986) based on the series were also released.
Traditional animationSilhouette animationAnimeAnimation

Question 6: There is a traditional boardgame based on the series titled High School! Kimengumi Game, released by ________.
Sunrise (company)Bandai VisualNamcoBandai

Question 7: It has also been broadcast multiple times across Japan on the satellite television network ________.
Sony Pictures EntertainmentAnimax Eastern EuropeAXNAnimax

Question 8: High School! Kimengumi (ハイスクール!奇面組 Haisukūru! Kimengumi ?) is a ________ series written by Motoei Shinzawa which ran in Weekly Shōnen Jump from 1982 to 1987.
Manga outside JapanYaoiMangaShōjo manga

Question 9: In a 2006 survey of celebrities by ________, Kimengumi was listed as #87 on a list of the top 100 favorite anime series.
Nippon TelevisionTokyo Broadcasting SystemFuji TelevisionTV Asahi

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