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High Church Lutheranism: Quiz


Question 1: Agenda of the church order of ________ (1540) contained unusually rich provision for ceremonial usages.
Western PomeraniaPrussiaFarther PomeraniaMargraviate of Brandenburg

Question 2: The pietism movement in Norway (embodied to a great extent by the Haugean movement fostered by ________) has served to reduce the distance between lay and clergy in Norway.
Hans Nielsen HaugeHauge SynodLutheranismLutheranism by region

Question 3: The ________ has led to a breakthrough for High Church Movement, weakening anti-Catholic sentiments around it.
Catholic ChurchSecond Vatican CouncilPope John Paul IIPope Benedict XVI

Question 4: This church is a confessional Lutheran church in full "pulpit and altar fellowship" (full communion) with the ________.
High Church LutheranismLutheranismLutheran Church–Missouri SynodWisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod

Question 5: Other organisations, such as Berneuchen Movement and Kirchliche Arbeit Alpirsbach are regarded as part of the ________, although the former is theologically high church and in co-operation with High Church associations and religious fraternities.
Tridentine MassAnglicanismCatholic ChurchLiturgical Movement

Question 6: Among "low church" Liberal Protestant, Confessing Evangelical, or ________ Lutherans, Evangelical Catholicism is seen as a violation of Reformation ideals.
High Church LutheranismLutheranismLutheranism by regionPietism

Question 7: Meland, Bernard E.: Friedrich Heiler and the High Church Movement in Germany (________)
Bodleian LibraryJSTORBibliographic databaseARTstor

Question 8: Loccum Abbey and ________ in Germany have the longest traditions as Lutheran monasteries.
Kamp AbbeyHolzmindenAmelungsborn AbbeyMariental Abbey

Question 9: Portions of the ________ and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada have evangelical catholic emphases.
Evangelical Lutheran Church in AmericaLutheranismHigh Church LutheranismLutheranism by region

Question 10: A small number of evangelical catholic congregations reaffirm Melanchthon's wider use of the word "sacrament" (in the Apology and in Loci Communes) by considering Holy Matrimony, Unction, ________, and Holy Orders to be Sacraments.
BaptismCatholic ChurchBishopConfirmation


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