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High-speed rail: Quiz


Question 1: The Corporation developed the Brazos Express Corridor to link Central ________.
TexasIllinoisOklahomaUnited States

Question 2: In the United States, emphasis was given to building a huge national ________ and airports.
United States Numbered HighwaysU.S. stateInterstate Highway SystemMaryland

Question 3: In the United States high-speed rail is defined as having a speed above 110 mph (180 km/h) by the ________ Federal Railroad Administration[4]
United StatesCanadaPhilippinesAlaska

Question 4: Despite this the lion's share of the Japanese system's cost is related to the boring of tunnels through mountains, as was in ________.
Taiwanese aboriginesPhilippinesTaiwanTaiwanese people

Question 5: In Japan and ________, where the most extensive high speed rail networks exist, a large proportion of electricity comes from nuclear power.
FranceCanadaUnited KingdomItaly

Question 6: 1963 - ________ - Shinkansen - 256 km/h (First country to develop HSR technology)
United KingdomCanadaCambodiaJapan

Question 7: 1981 - France - ________ - 380 km/h
ThalysBritish Rail Class 373EurostarTGV

Question 8: Some passenger rail systems, such as the Tokaido Shinkansen line in ________, have much higher ratios (with as many as 20,000 passengers per hour per direction).
CanadaCambodiaUnited KingdomJapan

Question 9: A one time specially modified system and trainset record (see land speed record for railed vehicles) was set by the manned ________'s 574.8 km/h run.
EurostarThalysBritish Rail Class 373TGV

Question 10: 2002 - ________ - AVE Class 330 - 362 km/h (Fifth country to develop HSR technology)

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