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Question 1: This title was used among the Cossacks (гетьман) of Ukraine since the 16th century and by the Czechs (hejtman) in ________ from the Hussite Wars (15th century) onward.
PragueBohemiaCzech RepublicMoravia

Question 2: The title of Hetman was given to the leader of the ________ and until 1581 the Hetman position existed only during specific campaigns and wars.
KTO RosomakPolish Land ForcesPolish Armed ForcesPoland

Question 3: From 1585 the title couldn't be taken away unless treachery was proven, thus most Hetmen served for life, as illustrated by the case of ________ literally commanding the army from his deathbed.
Krzysztof RadziwiłłMichał Serwacy WiśniowieckiJan Karol ChodkiewiczHrehory Chodkiewicz

Question 4: After that, it became a permanent title, as were all the titles in the Kingdom of Poland and the ________.
High Middle AgesVilniusPolish–Lithuanian CommonwealthEarly Middle Ages

Question 5: In the Russian Empire, the office of Cossack Hetman was abolished by ________ in 1764.
Nicholas II of RussiaPeter I of RussiaCatherine II of RussiaAlexander I of Russia

Question 6: In 1648 the Zaporizhian Host (the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth subject) elected the Hetman of their own (________) igniting the Ukrainian struggle for independence.
Bohdan KhmelnytskyCossack HetmanateDanubian SichZaporozhian Cossacks

Question 7: One theory is the word is probably derived from the ________ Hauptmann,[1] with Haupt meaning "main" or "head" and Mann meaning "man".
Middle High GermanOld EnglishOld High GermanProto-Germanic

Question 8: After the split of Ukraine along the Dnieper River by the 1667 Polish-Russian Treaty of Andrusovo, Ukrainian Cossacks (and Cossack Hetmans) became known as Left-bank Cossacks (of the ________) and Right-bank Cossacks.
Zaporozhian CossacksCossack HetmanateKhmelnytsky UprisingBohdan Khmelnytsky

Question 9: At the end of the sixteenth century, the commanders of the Zaporizhian ________ were called Koshovyi Otaman or Hetmen ( for example: Christof Kosynsky - first zaporizhian hetman ).
CossacksZaporozhian CossacksBohdan KhmelnytskyKuban Cossacks

Question 10: It was the highest military title in ________ as well as the head of state.
Khmelnytsky UprisingBohdan KhmelnytskyZaporozhian CossacksCossack Hetmanate


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