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Question 1: The ________ is that just as racism against non-white people places white people as superior to non-whites, heterosexism places heterosexual people or relationships as superior to non-heterosexual ones.

Question 2: In fact, the ________ word heterosexualism has been used as an equivalent to sexism and racism.
Humpty DumptyBlendPortmanteauSupercouple

Question 3: ________ bans against either same-sex couples or gay, lesbian, or bisexual individuals.
Foster careAdoptionNuclear familyParent

Question 4: ________ when enforced almost exclusively against consenting, adult, same-sex partners.
ProstitutionMiscegenationSodomy lawZoosexuality and the law

Question 5: See also: ________ and Lawrence v. Texas
Roe v. WadeByron WhiteHarry BlackmunBowers v. Hardwick

Question 6: A notorious example from ________ is the corrective rape and murder of Eudy Simelane, LGBT-rights activist and member of the women's national football team.
MauritiusCanadaSierra LeoneSouth Africa

Question 7: [1] p. 13 It can include the presumption that everyone is ________ or that opposite-sex attractions and relationships are the only norm[2] and therefore superior.
HeterosexualitySexual orientationBisexualityHomosexuality

Question 8: If it is not eradicated, it will lead to social disintegration and ________.
CivilizationHuman extinctionRisks to civilization, humans and planet EarthSocietal collapse

Question 9: Discrepancies in ________ laws in which legal sexual activity between members of the same sex is set at a higher age than that for opposite-sex partners.
Sexual abuseAge of consentProstitutionSex and the law

Question 10: establishing ________ that allow one group more privilege than other groups.
Social stratificationSociologySocial classWorking class

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