Hertha BSC: Quiz

Question 1:
What is the capacity of Hertha BSC?

Question 2: Hertha was banned from play against East German teams in the 1949-50 season after taking on several players and a coach who had fled the ________ club SG Friedrichstadt for West Berlin.

Question 3:
What is Hertha BSC's nickname?
Pond Settlement
''The Blue Toon
Die Alte Dame The Blue-Whites

Question 4:
Who manages Hertha BSC?
Bilbil Sokoli
Robert Parr
Michael Preetz

Question 5:
When was Hertha BSC founded?
2002 Adelaide Galaxy FC

Question 6: The stadium hosts the annual German Cup final and was also the site for six matches of the ________ including the tournament final.
2006 FIFA World Cup2006 FIFA World Cup knockout stageFIFA World Cup goalscorers2006 FIFA World Cup squads

Question 7:
What is the full name of Hertha BSC?
Hertha Berliner Sport-Club von 1892 e.V.
Berliner Fussball Club Preussen 1894 e.V.
Fuu00DFballabteilung Berolina der Berliner Turnerkooperation
Sport Verein Yeu015Filyurt 1973 Berlin e.V.

Question 8:
Who of the following was chairman of Hertha BSC?
Werner Gegenbauer
Robert Kraft
Ihor Surkis
Mr C. Salmon

Question 9: The club left the stadium when it joined the Bundesliga in ________.

Question 10: [8] A fan friendship with ________ developed, and a friendly match between the two attracted over 50,000 spectators.
SV Werder Bremen1. FC Union BerlinHamburger SVTennis Borussia Berlin

Source: The Full Wiki (http://quiz.thefullwiki.org/Hertha_BSC)