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Question 1:
What role did Fredy Barten play in the TV series Heroin?
Zollkommissar Peter Zinn
Zollrat Donkenberg
Hauptmann Kremm

Question 2:
What is the elimination half life of Heroin?
4 to 10 hours
10 mg oral 7 u2013 11 hours
15 to 30 minutes
<10 minutes

Question 3:
How is Heroin excreted?
Mostly renal, unchanged; also biliary
urine 90% , bile/faeces
90% renal as glucuronides, rest biliary
renal and biliary in equal amounts

Question 4: In July 2009, the German ________ passed a law allowing heroin prescription as a standard treatment for addicts; while heroin prescription was started in 2002, it was only authorized as a large-scale trial.
RiigikoguNational Assembly for WalesFolketingBundestag

Question 5:
What role did Joe Schorn play in the TV series Heroin?
Zollrat Donkenberg
Zollkommissar Peter Zinn
Hauptmann Kremm

Question 6: The Film "Gia" based on a true story of model ________ is about her addiction and use of heroin and how it affected her.
Gia CarangiJanice DickinsonLesbianUnited States

Question 7: Layne Staley, frontman of ________, was addicted to heroin and died of a 'speedball' overdose.
Alice in ChainsDirt (album)Black Gives Way to BlueFacelift (album)

Question 8:
What is the molecular weight of Heroin?
274.440 g/mol
209.24 g/mol
494.525 g/mol
369.41 g/mol

Question 9: ________'s song from Megadeth's Album Youthanasia - Addicted to Chaos, is influenced by Dave Mustaine's use of heroin previously.
United AbominationsHidden TreasuresGigantourMegadeth

Question 10: Poisoning from ________ added to "cut" or dilute heroin
Marine pollutionAir pollutionPollutionWater pollution

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