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Question 1: De Soto headed north into the ________ of North Carolina, where he spent a month resting the horses while his men searched for gold.
VirginiaAppalachian MountainsGreat PlainsRocky Mountains

Question 2:
What did Hernando de Soto do for a living?
Mariner, explorer, discoverer
Explorer of Australia, Colonial Administrator, Grazier
explorer and conquistador
explorer, mapper

Question 3: They wintered in Autiamique, on the ________.
ColoradoOklahomaArkansas RiverNew Mexico

Question 4: Failing that, and without means to further explore, de Soto, upon Dávila's death, left his estates in ________.
PhilippinesUnited StatesNicaraguaMexico

Question 5:
When did Hernando de Soto die?

Question 6:
What religion does Hernando de Soto adhere to?

Question 7: [6] The first part of the expedition's course until de Soto's battle at ________ in Alabama) is disputed only in minor details today; yet de Soto's trail beyond Mabila is contested.
Chief TuskaloosaParkin Archeological State ParkChiahaMabila

Question 8: After executing Atahualpa, Pizarro and his men headed to ________, the capital of the Incan Empire.

Question 9:
What is the nationality of Hernando de Soto?

Question 10:
Where did Hernando de Soto die?
Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia
Indian village of Guachoya
Dublin, Ireland

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