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Hermosillo: Quiz


Question 1: The center of the city is Plaza Zaragoza, built in 1865, in which there is a Moorish style kiosk which was brought from ________ in the early 20th century.

Question 2: During the Mexican War of Independence, Sonora and the town of Pitic stayed loyal to the ________.
Juan Carlos I of SpainGrand Duke of LuxembourgMonarchy of SpainRoyal Household of Spain

Question 3: What is now the states of Sonora and ________ was loosely organized as the provinces of Sonora, Ostimura and Sinaloa.

Question 4: Desert animals such as the ________, rattlesnakes, bighorn sheep and lynx are the most notable species.
Desert TortoiseTurtleCoyoteGopherus

Question 5: [1] A battle between imperial and republican forces occurred here in 1866 during the ________.
May 5French intervention in MexicoFebruary 6October 21

Question 6: Crops include wheat, grapes, flowers, chickpeas, ________ and walnuts.

Question 7: Since then, the team has won championships in the Pacific Coast League and the ________.
Caribbean Series Most Valuable PlayerCaribbean Series1980 Caribbean Series1960 Caribbean Series

Question 8: [9] Construction of the cathedral began in 1861 and is a mix of predominantly ________ with Neogothic decorative elements.
Renaissance Revival architectureBaroque architectureNeoclassicismNeoclassical architecture

Question 9: Above the main doors are two ogival or pointed windows, over which is a crest with a ________.
BaroqueSt. Peter's BasilicaCapitoline HillBaluster

Question 10: In 1881 the railroad linking Hermosillo with ________ and Nogales was finished with allowed for economic expansion in the area by bringing in mining equipment and modern agricultural equipment.
Juchitán de ZaragozaCórdoba, VeracruzGuaymasVeracruz, Veracruz


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