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Question 1:
Who of the following is a parent of Hermes?
Johannes Hage Christian David, railway engineer
Mrs. Bentham
Kate "Kesley" Jefferson
Zeus and Maia

Question 2: Somewhat later, Proclus' commentary on ________'s Republic describes Hermes as the god of persuasion.
AristotleImmanuel KantPlatoBertrand Russell

Question 3: In 415 BCE, when the Athenian fleet was about to set sail for Syracuse during the ________, all of the Athenian hermai were vandalized one night.
Peloponnesian WarGreco-Persian WarsCorinthian WarClassical Athens

Question 4: Hermes helped to protect the infant god ________ from Hera, after Hera destroyed Dionysus' mortal mother Semele through her jealousy that Semele had conceived an immortal son of Zeus.
Trojan WarDionysusGreek mythologyApollo

Question 5: Hermes' symbols were the cock and the tortoise, and he can be recognized by his purse or pouch, winged sandals, winged cap, and the herald's staff, the ________.
Ancient RomeMedical Corps (United States Army)Classical antiquityCaduceus

Question 6: His ram connection appears in the earliest Mycenaean ________ inscription bearing his name.
Greek alphabetGreek languageLinear BMycenaean Greek language

Question 7: According to prominent folklorist Yeleazar Meletinsky, Hermes is a deified ________.
Creation mythTricksterCulture heroShapeshifting

Question 8: Hermaphroditus was an immortal son of Hermes through ________.
Greek mythologyAphroditeApolloAres

Question 9: [5] Hermes also served as a psychopomp, or an escort for the dead to help them find their way to the ________ (the Underworld in the Greek myths).

Question 10: In addition to the ________, Hermes was believed to have invented many types of racing and the sports of wrestling and boxing, and therefore was a patron of athletes.
LyreHarpKemencheByzantine lyra

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