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Hermaphroditus: Quiz


Question 1: [2] He was raised by nymphs on Mount Ida, a sacred mountain in ________ (present day Turkey).

Question 2: It was in the woods of Caria, near Halicarnassus (modern ________, Turkey) that he encountered Salmacis the Naiad in her pool.

Question 3: The myth of Hermaphroditus and Salmacis was the basis for the early Genesis song, "The Fountain of Salmacis," the final track from the ________ album (1971), which recounts the myth in some detail.
Genesis LiveFoxtrot (album)Trespass (album)Nursery Cryme

Question 4: In Greek mythology, Hermaphroditus or Hermaphroditos (Ancient Greek: ʽἙρμάφρόδιτός) was the child of ________ and Hermes.

Question 5: Born a remarkably handsome boy, he was transformed into an ________ deity by union with the nymph Salmacis.
TransgenderTranssexualismAndrogynyThird gender

Question 6: At the age of fifteen, he grew bored with his surroundings and traveled to the cities of Lycia and ________.

Question 7: [4][5] Based on Ovid's telling, Francis Beaumont wrote an ________ in heroic couplets of the story, Salmacis and Hermaphroditus (London 1602).
PoetryNovelEpic poetryNational epic

Question 8: [1] His name is the basis for the word ________.
Sexual differentiationSpeciesIntersexualityHermaphrodite

Question 9: His only literary attestation in classical literature is in ________'s Metamorphoses, IV.274-388.
OvidHeroidesRoman RepublicRoman Empire

Question 10: Her wish was granted, and their bodies blended into one ________ form.
Sexual orientationThird genderTranssexualismIntersexuality

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