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Question 1: The use of the word "heresy" in the context of Christianity was given wide currency by ________ in his tract Contra Haereses (Against Heresies) to describe and discredit his opponents in the early Christian Church.
JeromeJustin MartyrIrenaeusEucharistic theologies contrasted

Question 2: [1] It is distinct from ________, which is the formal denunciation of one's religion, principles or cause,[2] and blasphemy, which is irreverence toward religion.
Religious conversionIslamAbrahamic religionsApostasy

Question 3: Although Sufism is often accepted as valid by Shi'a and many Sunnis, the relatively recent movement of ________ view it as heretical.
Islamic terrorismWahhabiIslamismIslamic fundamentalism

Question 4: In addition, the more right-wing groups within Orthodox Judaism holds that all Jews who reject the simple meaning of ________'s 13 principles of Jewish faith are heretics.
Thomas AquinasMaimonidesAverroesSoul

Question 5: Groups like the Ismailis, the Hurufiya, the ________, the Bektashi and even the Sufis have also been regarded as heretical by some.
‘AlawiImamah (Shi'a Twelver doctrine)TwelverShia Islam

Question 6: ________ on the relation between madness, heresy, and genius: "...
Herbert SimonCarnegie SchoolJames G. MarchStanford University

Question 7: The term heresy is less common today, with some notable exceptions: see for example ________ and the "character" of debates over ordination of women and gay priests.
Martin HeideggerRudolf BultmannHermann GunkelErnst Käsemann

Question 8: Orthodox Judaism considers views on the part of Jews which depart from the traditional ________ to be heretical.
Christianity and JudaismJewish philosophyConservative JudaismJewish principles of faith

Question 9: ________ distinguished between two types of scientific heretic: "Endoheretics are appropriately credentialed scientists.
Alternate historyIsaac AsimovScience fictionIsaac Asimov bibliography

Question 10: [4] As such, most of Orthodox Judaism considers Reform and Reconstructionist Judaism to be heretical movements, and regards most of ________ as heretical.
RabbiJewsJewish philosophyConservative Judaism

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