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Hereditary elliptocytosis: Quiz


Question 1: Because the ________ breaks down old and worn-out blood cells, those individuals with more severe forms of hereditary elliptocytosis can have a splenomegaly, which causes a worsening of the signs and symptoms of their anaemia.
StomachImmune systemSpleenLymphatic system

Question 2: In its severe forms, this disorder predisposes to ________.
AnemiaSpherocytosisHemolytic anemiaGlucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency

Question 3: As disc-shaped erythrocytes pass through ________, which can be 2-3 micrometres wide, they are forced to assume an elliptical shape in order to fit through.
HeartCirculatory systemCapillaryArtery

Question 4: They have a mildly increased risk of developing ________, which is treated surgically with a cholecystectomy if pain becomes problematic.
HepatitisCholecystitisGallstoneAscending cholangitis

Question 5: Those with hereditary elliptocytosis have a good prognosis, only those with very severe disease have a shortened ________.
LongevityLife expectancyLife extensionMaximum life span

Question 6: [7] Almost all forms of hereditary elliptocytosis are ________ disorder, and both sexes are therefore at equal risk of having the condition.
AlleleGeneGeneticsDominance (genetics)

Question 7: Micro-: ________ (Plummer-Vinson syndrome)
Sickle-cell diseaseIron deficiency anemiaSerum ironHenoch–Schönlein purpura

Question 8: Rather, the defect lies in a protein known as the ________, which lies in the cell membrane itself.
RHAGBand 3CD36P-glycoprotein

Question 9: Hereditary elliptocytosis, also known as ovalocytosis, is an inherited blood disorder in which an abnormally large number of the sufferer's ________ (i.e.
Red blood cellHematologyPlateletBlood plasma

Question 10: Less common than spectrin mutations are ________ mutations.
EIF3GBand 3Tight junction protein 2Band 4.1


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