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Question 1: In addition, special ________ may be used for particular taxa: for example a flock of geese, if not in flight, is sometimes called a gaggle.
Auxiliary verbCollective nounPreposition and postpositionClusivity

Question 2: A herd is a large group of animals and is a form of ________.
Flock (birds)Collective animal behaviorShoaling and schoolingBoids

Question 3: However, in theoretical discussions in behavioural ________, the generic term "herd" is used for all these kinds of assemblage.

Question 4: ________ tend to sheep, and goatherds tend to goats, etc.).
MosesDomestic sheepEnglandShepherd

Question 5: The question of why animals group together is one of the most fundamental in ________ and behavioural ecology.
Evolutionary psychologySociologySociocultural evolutionSociobiology


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