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Question 1: The series alters some of the elements of the myths including placing the giant Antaeus as his father while in Greek myths his father was the king of the gods, ________.
ApolloGreek mythologyZeusCronus

Question 2: After it is discovered that the intended victim, Tiresias, is a ________, the priestesses decide to release him, but gouge out his eyes.
Sexual differentiationHermaphroditeSpeciesIntersexuality

Question 3: Amphitryon worships Zeus, and mocks his prisoner for worshiping ________ by scarring his leg with a lightning bolt symbol.
HermesGreek mythologyHeraApollo

Question 4: The crime is witnessed by a ________ player, Linus, who declares the culprit to be Zeus, due to the lightning symbol on his leg.
Byzantine lyraHarpKemencheLyre

Question 5: Hercules is a 2005 RHI Entertainment television miniseries, chronicling the life of the legendary Greek hero, ________.
HesperidesHeraclesAncient RomeHercules

Question 6: She believes this will make her heir to the House of ________ in Thebes, but is informed that her uncle already had a son, Eurystheus, who will be the heir.
ApolloGreek mythologyPerseusHeracles

Question 7: The series incorporates Hercules' murder of his family—usually not included in modern interpretations of the character—and includes five of his twelve labors from ________.
Greek mythologyHeraMuseApollo

Question 8: For the sixth labor, Hercules must defeat ________.
Greek mythologyHeraclesHadesCerberus

Question 9: Alcmene, Amphitryon's wife, is High Priestess of the Harvest Festival, a yearly ritual devoted to Hera, which involves the ________ of a male.
JudaismJesusHuman sacrificeSyncretism

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