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Heraclides Ponticus: Quiz


Question 1: [2] He is also frequently hailed as the originator of the ________ theory, although this is doubted.
HeliocentrismSpherical EarthGeocentric modelGreek astronomy

Question 2: He reportedly also attended the schools of the Pythagoreans, where he would have come in contact with ________[2].
AristotleBertrand RussellPlatoEmpiricism

Question 3: Heraclides was also nearly elected to succeed ________ as head of the academy in 339/8 BC, but narrowly lost to Xenocrates.
PlatoSpeusippusCassius Longinus (philosopher)Syrianus

Question 4: According to the Suda, ________, on his departure for Sicily in 361/0 BC, left his pupils in the charge of Heraclides.
AristotleBertrand RussellPlatoImmanuel Kant

Question 5: A quote of Heraclides, of particular significance to historians, is his statement that fourth century ________ was a Greek city.

Question 6: Like the ________ Hicetas and Ecphantus, Heraclides proposed that the apparent daily motion of the stars was created by the rotation of the Earth on its axis once a day.

Question 7: O'Connor, John J.; Robertson, Edmund F., "Heraclides Ponticus", MacTutor History of Mathematics archive, ________, .
University of St AndrewsUniversity of GlasgowUniversity of OxfordUniversity of Cambridge

Question 8: [8] However, Heraclides seems to have been a versatile and prolific writer on philosophy, mathematics, music, ________, physics, history and rhetoric, notwithstanding doubts about attribution of many of the works.
LinguisticsGrammarSyntaxGenerative grammar

Question 9: [7] According to ________, he forged plays under the name of Thespis, and according to the same author, this time drawing from a different source, Dionysius the Deserter composed plays and forged them under the name of Sophocles.
PythagorasAnaximanderGreeceDiogenes Laƫrtius

Question 10: Heraclides' father was Euthyphron,[3] a wealthy nobleman who sent him to study at the Platonic Academy in ________ under its founder Plato and under his successor Speusippus.


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