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Hera: Quiz


Question 1:
Who of the following was a child of Hera?

Question 2: There were also temples to Hera in Olympia, Corinth, Tiryns, Perachora and the sacred island of ________.

Question 3: In the myth of the birth of ________, it is Hera herself who sits at the door instead, delaying the birth of Heracles until her protegé, Eurystheus, had been born first.
Greek mythologyApolloHeraclesTrojan War

Question 4: When Hera discovered that ________ was pregnant and that Zeus was the father, she banned Leto from giving birth on "terra-firma", or the mainland, or any island at sea.
ApolloLetoGreek mythologyArtemis

Question 5: The other goddesses present at the birthing on ________ sent Iris to bring her.

Question 6: Zeus then commanded ________ to kill Argus, which he did by lulling all one hundred eyes to sleep.
HeraGreek mythologyHermesApollo

Question 7: "The picture of a divine child between two serpents may have been long familiar to the Thebans, who worshiped the ________, although not represented as a first exploit of a hero".
Greek mythologyApolloCabeiriZeus

Question 8: [17] In the region around Argos, the temple of Hera in Hermione near Argos was to Hera the Virgin;[18] at the spring of Kanathos, close to ________, Hera renewed her virginity annually, in rites that were not to be spoken of (arrheton).

Question 9: Whatever myth-making served to account for an archaic representation of Heracles as "Hera's man" it was thought suitable for the builders of the Heraion at ________ to depict the exploits of Heracles in bas-reliefs.
Cilento and Vallo di Diano National ParkPaestumVeliaCilento

Question 10: In ________'s interpolation, when Hera learned of Argus' death, she took his eyes and placed them in the plumage of the peacock, accounting for the eye pattern in its tail.
Roman EmpireOvidMetamorphosesHeroides

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