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Question 1: He also describes the burial of their nobles in ________, accompanied by their closest associates.

Question 2: The name of the Hephthalite ruling elite seems to have applied to one of the 5 Yuezhi families from the ________ according to some sources.
Gupta EmpireKushan EmpirePala EmpireMaurya Empire

Question 3: They made their capital at the city of Sakala, modern ________ under their Emperor Mihirakula.

Question 4: The Hephthalites with their capital at Bamiyan continued the pressure on ancient India's northwest frontier and broke east by the end of the fifth century, hastening the disintegration of the ________.
HarshaGupta EmpirePala EmpireChola Dynasty

Question 5: [1] Elsewhere they were called White ________.
Byzantine EmpireHunsAttila the HunBulgars

Question 6: According to Simokattes, they were Chionites who united under the Hephthalites as the "(________) vultures descended on the people" around AD 460.
ScythiansWusunUysynIranian peoples

Question 7: ________'s novel Baudolino makes reference to the 'White Huns' who are portrayed as a fearsome warrior race.
Umberto EcoClaudio MagrisAlberto BevilacquaCarlo Cassola

Question 8: Some White Huns may have been a prominent tribe or clan of the ________.
BactriaHephthaliteKushan EmpireXionites

Question 9: The name Mihirakula is thought to be derived from Mithra-kula which is Iranian for "Relier upon ________", and Toramāna is also considered to have an Iranian origin.
Ahura MazdaAbanAshaMithra

Question 10: After that, they crossed the Syr Darya (Jaxartes) River and invaded ________.
IraqAzerbaijanIranIran–Iraq War


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