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Question 1: Viral hepatitis: Hepatitis A through E (more than 95% of viral cause), Herpes simplex, ________, Epstein-Barr, yellow fever virus, adenoviruses.
AIDSErythema infectiosumCytomegalovirusHepatitis B

Question 2: This may become life-threatening and occasionally requires a ________.
Liver transplantationICD-9-CM Volume 3SurgeryPancreas transplantation

Question 3: The diagnosis depends on medical history, physical exam, blood tests, radiological imaging and sometimes a ________.
Liver biopsyCancerHepatitis CColorectal cancer

Question 4: ________ and primary sclerosing cholangitis occasionally mimic chronic hepatitis[3]
Hepatic encephalopathyAscending cholangitisCoeliac diseasePrimary biliary cirrhosis

Question 5: Rarely, ischemic hepatitis can be caused by local problems with the blood vessels that supply oxygen to the liver (such as thrombosis, or clotting of the hepatic artery which partially supplies ________ to liver cells).
PlateletRed blood cellBloodBlood plasma

Question 6: The severity of liver damage may be limited by prompt administration of ________.
NaloxoneDextromethorphanPsychotria ipecacuanhaAcetylcysteine

Question 7: ________, mostly in alcoholic beverages, is a significant cause of hepatitis.
1,4-ButanediolEthanolIbotenic acidFlumazenil

Question 8: ________ hepatitis can be untreatable since the long half life of the drug (up to 60 days) means that there is no effective way to stop exposure to the drug.

Question 9: ________: Amanita toxin in mushrooms, carbon tetrachloride, asafetida

Question 10: Blood testing of a person with ischemic hepatitis will show very high levels of transaminase ________ (AST and ALT), which may exceed 1000 U/L.
Enzyme inhibitorEnzymeCofactor (biochemistry)Protein

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