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Question 1:

Question 2:

Question 3:
Henry Lee Lucas, Jack Ruby and Darlie Routier are all:
American people with disabilities People convicted of murder by Texas Prisoners sentenced to death by Texas Deaths from heart failure

Question 4:
What is Henry Lee Lucas also known as?
The Confession Killer
Pigtailed Girl, by Tatewaki and Kodachi Kuno
The Rest Stop Killer

Question 5: He was serving six life sentences in a ________ prison.
MassachusettsNew JerseyFloridaNorth Carolina

Question 6:
Henry Lee Lucas, Charles Manson and Scott Peterson are all:
American prisoners sentenced to death People convicted of murder by Michigan American serial killers 2001 deaths

Question 7:
When did Henry Lee Lucas die?

Question 8:
What was Henry Lee Lucas's birth name?
Jane Freeman
Joseph Berlinger
Henry Lee Lucas
Nancy Humphries O'Dell

Question 9: ________ reported "the belief of two former state Attorneys General that Lucas was in all likelihood innocent of the crime for which he was sentenced to death."[5]
Human rightsAung San Suu KyiAmnesty InternationalUnited Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

Question 10: Lucas confessed to the March 20, 1979, murder of Elaine Tollett in Tulsa, Oklahoma, while medical records indicate Lucas was in the hospital in ________.
Charleston, West VirginiaMercer County, West VirginiaBluefield, West VirginiaHuntington, West Virginia

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