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Henry Jackson Hunt: Quiz


Question 1: Hunt is featured prominently in the alternate history novel Gettysburg by ________ and William Forstchen.
Nancy PelosiTip O'NeillNewt GingrichJohn William McCormack

Question 2: With the artillery reserve at the ________, his 340 guns repelled repeated Confederate infantry assaults with such gruesome efficiency that the Union infantry had little to do.
Peninsula CampaignBattle of Malvern HillBattle of Seven PinesSeven Days Battles

Question 3: As a child in 1827, he accompanied his father on the expedition to the future Kansas Territory that founded ________.
Fort SillFort HuachucaFort LeavenworthFort Benning

Question 4: He held various commands until 1883, when he retired to become governor of the Soldiers' Home in ________.
AtlantaWashington, D.C.BostonPhoenix, Arizona

Question 5: He graduated from the ________ in 1839 as a brevet second lieutenant in the 2nd U.S.
United States Military AcademyUnited States Naval AcademyUnited States Merchant Marine AcademyUnited States Air Force Academy

Question 6: In the run-up to the ________ in May 1863, Hunt fell out of favor of Army of the Potomac commander Maj.
Jackson's Valley CampaignBattle of ChancellorsvilleEastern Theater of the American Civil WarFirst Battle of Bull Run

Question 7: Henry Jackson Hunt (September 14, 1819 ‚Äď February 11, 1889) was Chief of Artillery in the Army of the Potomac during the ________.
Bleeding KansasAmerican Civil WarUnited StatesTennessee

Question 8: At the ________ in December, his gun emplacements on Stafford Heights effectively eliminated any possibility that Gen.
Battle of GettysburgBattle of AntietamBattle of ChancellorsvilleBattle of Fredericksburg

Question 9: He served in ________ to the end of the war, managing the siege operations of Petersburg in 1864 and 1865.
West VirginiaNew JerseyVirginiaNorth Carolina

Question 10: ________
Siege of PetersburgList of American Civil War generalsBattle of ChickamaugaBattle of Antietam


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