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Henry III, Holy Roman Emperor: Quiz


Question 1: He had an armed force when he entered Thuringia to meet with Eckard II, Margrave of Meissen, whose advice and counsel he desired on the recent successes of Duke Bretislaus I of Bohemia in ________.

Question 2: With the assistance of Sweyn and ________ of England, whose enemies Baldwin had harboured, Baldwin of Flanders was harassed by sea and unable to escape the onslaught of the imperial army.
Alfred the GreatHarold GodwinsonEdward the ConfessorCnut the Great

Question 3: This connection to the obstreperous vassal of the French king as well as her consanguinity—she and Henry being both descended from ________—caused some churchmen to oppose their union, but the marriage went as planned.
Otto III, Holy Roman EmperorOtto I, Holy Roman EmperorHenry the FowlerCharles the Fat

Question 4: He filled several other sees: he installed Guido in ________, his chaplain Theodoric in Verdun, the provost Herman of Speyer in Strasbourg, and his German chancellor Theodoric in Constance.

Question 5: On Easter Day 1028, his father having been crowned Holy Roman Emperor, Henry was elected and crowned King of Germany in the cathedral of ________ by Pilgrim, Archbishop of Cologne.

Question 6: Then, Henry discussed the Italian political scene with some Lombard magnates at ________ and then went on to Goslar, where he gave the duchy of Swabia to Otto, Count Palatine of Lorraine.
MemmingenKempten im AllgäuKaufbeurenAugsburg

Question 7: On his return, he heard, at ________, of the raids into Bavaria being made by the king of Hungary.
St. GallenBaselBernZürich

Question 8: Then, in April 1044, Gothelo I, Duke of Lorraine, that is of both Lower and ________, died.
Lorraine (duchy)Worms, GermanyUpper Rhenish CircleWaldeck (state)

Question 9: In 1038, Henry was called to aid his father in Italy (1038) and Gunhilda died on the ________, during the return trip (during the same epidemic in which Herman IV of Swabia died).
Ionian SeaAdriatic SeaMediterranean SeaAegean Sea

Question 10: She was a daughter of ________, King of Denmark, England, and Norway, by his wife Emma of Normandy.
Cnut the GreatEiríkr HákonarsonHarthacnutSweyn Forkbeard


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