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Henry's law: Quiz


Question 1: This is true for pairs of closely related substances, such as ________ and toluene, which obey Raoult's law over the entire composition range: such mixtures are called "ideal mixtures".

Question 2: In geophysics, a version of Henry's law applies to the solubility of a ________ in contact with silicate melt.
HalogenMetalPeriodic tableNoble gas

Question 3: An everyday example of Henry's law is given by carbonated ________.
United StatesSoft drinkMilkUnited Kingdom

Question 4: Before the bottle or can is opened, the gas above the drink is almost pure carbon dioxide at a pressure slightly higher than ________.
Precipitation (meteorology)LightningWindAtmospheric pressure

Question 5: All the relations above can also be expressed in terms of ________ rather than concentrations, eg:
Total dissolved solidsSolventConcentrationSolubility

Question 6: In ________, Henry's law is one of the gas laws, formulated by William Henry in 1803.
Inorganic chemistryPeriodic tableChemistryElectrochemistry

Question 7: An equivalent way of stating the law is that the ________ of a gas in a liquid at a particular temperature is proportional to the pressure of that gas above the liquid.
Solubility equilibriumSolventSolubilityPartition coefficient

Question 8: [2] In particular, the "concentration" of the solute in solution may also be expressed as a mole fraction or as a ________.
ConcentrationTotal dissolved solidsSolubilitySolvent

Question 9: A common example of a gas that does react with the solvent is ________, which forms carbonic acid (H2CO3) to a certain degree with water.
Carbon dioxideCarbon cycleCarbon sinkGreenhouse gas

Question 10: where p is the partial pressure of the solute in the gas above the solution, c is the ________ of the solute and kH is a constant with the dimensions of pressure divided by concentration.
SolubilitySolventTotal dissolved solidsConcentration


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