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Question 1: The number of his official students was small, but includes Adrien Douady, Roger Godement, Max Karoubi, ________ and René Thom.
Shing-Tung YauPierre DeligneJean-Pierre SerreJohn G. Thompson

Question 2: Cartan used his influence to help obtain the release of some dissident mathematicians, including ________ and Jose Luis Massera.
Andrei SakharovLeonid PlyushchHaloperidolSoviet Union

Question 3: Henri Paul Cartan (July 8, 1904 ‚Äď August 13, 2008) was a son of √Člie Cartan, and was, as his father was, a distinguished and influential French ________.
GeometryNumber theoryMathematicsMathematician

Question 4: Cartan studied at the Lycée Hoche in ________, then at the ENS, receiving his doctorate in mathematics.

Question 5: His book with Samuel Eilenberg Homological Algebra (1956)[2] was an important text, treating the subject with a moderate level of abstraction and ________.
Category theoryMathematicsAlgebraic topologyMathematical logic

Question 6: From 1974 until his death he had been a member of the ________.
Raoul BottFrench Academy of SciencesShiing-Shen ChernPeter Lax

Question 7: Cartan was known for work in ________, in particular on cohomology operations, Killing homotopy groups and group cohomology.
Algebraic topologyAbstract algebraMathematicsCategory theory


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