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Question 1: Subsequently in October 1943, he served in combat as the commanding officer of Grenadier Regiment 442, defending the western bank of the ________ River in Ukraine.
Pripyat RiverDnieper RiverDesna RiverSozh

Question 2: Although he supported the revision of the Polish Corridor, he opposed many of Hitler's military and foreign policies including the ________ and the invasion of Czechoslovakia.
World War IINazi GermanyAnschlussAdolf Hitler

Question 3: When he learned about the massacre of thousands of Jews at Borisov, Tresckow appealed passionately to Field Marshall ________: "Never may such a thing happen again!
Fedor von BockAlbert KesselringWalter ModelErwin Rommel

Question 4: He was described by the ________ as the "prime mover" and the "evil spirit" behind the July 20 plot to assassinate Hitler.
Adolf HitlerGestapoNazi GermanyHeinrich Himmler

Question 5: Tresckow was born on January 10, 1901 in ________ into a Pomeranian noble family with 300 years of military tradition that provided the Prussian army with 21 generals.
MagdeburgBremenHalle, Saxony-AnhaltErfurt

Question 6: Major General Herrmann Karl Robert Henning von Tresckow (January 10, 1901 – July 21, 1944) was a Major General in the German Wehrmacht who organized German resistance against ________.
Nazi PartyNazi GermanySchutzstaffelAdolf Hitler

Question 7: He received most of his early education from tutors on his family's remote rural estate; from 1913–1917 he was a student at the Gymnasium in the town of ________.

Question 8: Knowledge of Jewish ________ was a major impetus for many officers involved.
AntisemitismHolocaust (resources)Responsibility for the HolocaustThe Holocaust

Question 9: When the assassination attempt on Hitler and the following coup in ________ (July 20 Plot) had failed, Tresckow decided to commit suicide at the front in Królowy Most near Białystok on July 21.

Question 10: Ironically, Tresckow played a role in the adoption of the ________, which proved to be so successful in the French campaign.
Erich von MansteinErwin RommelManstein PlanBlitzkrieg

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