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Hendaye: Quiz


Question 1: ________ lived and died here.
French literatureMarcel ProustPierre LotiOctave Feuillet

Question 2: During the ________, the town was briefly occupied by the Spanish, in September 1636.
Spanish EmpireThirty Years' WarFrondeFranco-Spanish War (1635)

Question 3: Fête du cidre (________ festival)
AbsintheWineCiderAlcoholic beverage

Question 4: Franco, uneasy about committing his nation to another conflict so soon after the ________, was not convinced, and Hitler decided not to force the issue.
Spanish Civil WarFrancisco FrancoSpanish Civil War, 1936POUM

Question 5: ________ grew up here and played with the Eglantins.
Zinedine ZidaneMarcel DesaillyBixente LizarazuLilian Thuram

Question 6: The Cinéma les Variétés is a large classic theatre and cinema, which is a regular venue for theatre, ________, and performance arts.
African-American danceDanceConcert danceBallet

Question 7: Rather than a ________ scene, local bands often play in Hendaye's many campsites in the summer.
Bar (establishment)Alcoholic beveragePublic houseBeer

Question 8: The town is an important ________ junction, as Spain's mainline trains use a broader gauge than continental Europe, with the French railway network finishing here on the banks of the Bidasoa.
Rail transportTrain stationTransportLocomotive

Question 9: The Médiathèque municipale François Mitterrand is a ________ offering the rental of books, magazines, films, and CDs.
ManchesterBristolLending libraryPublic library

Question 10: Most of the town's ________ are found in the quartier de la Plage and along the Bay of Txingudi waterfront.
RestaurantWorld Tourism rankingsTourismHotel

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