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Hematopoietic stem cell: Quiz


Question 1: ________: High endothelial venules
Cytotoxic T cellRegulatory T cellT helper cellT cell

Question 2: Other sources for clinical and scientific use include umbilical cord blood, ________, mobilized peripheral blood.
ThyroidPlacentaTesticleEndocrine system

Question 3: Stem cell self-renewal is thought to occur in the ________ in the bone marrow, and it is reasonable to assume that key signals present in this niche will be important in self-renewal.
Stem cell nicheHematopoietic stem cellDrosophila melanogasterDevelopmental biology

Question 4: This family includes CD48, ________, CD244, etc., CD150 being the founding member, and, thus, also called slamF1 ie SLAM family member 1.

Question 5: Also, some of these markers (eg Thy1) are not conserved across mouse species, and use of markers like ________- for HSC purification requires mice to be at least 8 weeks old.

Question 6: For human HSCs use of CD133 was one step ahead as both CD34+ and ________- HSCs were CD133+.

Question 7: Lineage-restricted progenitor cells (LRPs) : ________-CD48+CD244+

Question 8: In fact, even in humans, there are hematopoietic stem cells that are ________-/CD38-.

Question 9: HSCs are found in the ________ of adults, which includes femurs, hip, ribs, sternum, and other bones.
Bone marrowImmune systemLymphatic systemHematopoietic stem cell

Question 10: HSCs have a higher potential than other immature blood cells to pass the ________, and thus may travel in the blood from the bone marrow in one bone to another bone.
Lymphatic systemHematopoietic stem cellImmune systemBone marrow


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