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Question 1: Cow blood mixed with milk, for example, is a mainstay food of the African ________.

Question 2: Hematophagy (sometimes spelled haematophagy or hematophagia) is the habit of certain ________ of feeding on blood (from the Greek words, haima "blood" and phagein "to eat").

Question 3: Louis encephalitis, tularemia, typhus, ________, West Nile fever, and many others.
Human granulocytic anaplasmosisRocky Mountain spotted feverHuman monocytotropic ehrlichiosisBoutonneuse fever

Question 4: Hematophagy has apparently evolved independently in many disparate arthropod, ________, nematode and mammalian taxa.

Question 5: About 14,000 species of arthropods are hematophagous, even including some genera that were not previously thought to be, such as ________ of the genus Calyptra.

Question 6: Some intestinal nematodes, such as Ancylostomids, feed on blood extracted from the capillaries of the gut and about 75% of all species of ________ (e.g.

Question 7: Contrast that with optional hematophages, like the many mosquitoes species, such as Aedes aegypti, which may also feed on pollen, ________ juice, and other biological fluids.
VegetableSeedFruitFlowering plant

Question 8: These hematophagous animals have evolved different specialized mouth parts and chemical agents for penetrating vascular structures in the skin of hosts, mostly of mammals, ________, and fish.
Modern birdsArchaeopteryxBirdEnantiornithes

Question 9: The phlebotomic action opens a channel for contamination of the host species with ________, viruses and blood-borne parasites contained in the hematophagous organism.
Gram-negative bacteriaBacteriaCorynebacteriumGram-positive bacteria

Question 10: Some ________, such as lampreys, and mammals, especially the vampire bats, also practice hematophagy.
Fish anatomyFishForage fishPelagic fish


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