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Helvetic Republic: Quiz


Question 1: Reding besieged French-controlled ________ and marched across the Brünig pass into the Berner Oberland to support the armies of Berne.
LucerneSt. GallenSwitzerlandChur

Question 2: As well as the ________, the following territories became part of the Helvetic Republic:
St. GallenSwitzerlandBaselOld Swiss Confederacy

Question 3: Some of the more controversial aspects of the new regime limited ________, which outraged many of the more devout citizens.
State religionIslamReligious tolerationFreedom of religion

Question 4: Its name was taken from the ________ people.
HispaniaHelvetiiGallia BelgicaRoman Britain

Question 5: However, some aspects of it have survived into present-day ________.

Question 6: However, the French failed to keep their promises in respecting religious matters and before the year was out there was another uprising in ________ which the authorities crushed, with towns and villages burnt down by French troops.

Question 7: The occupying forces established a centralised state based on the ideas of the ________.
National ConventionFrench RevolutionNational Constituent AssemblyFrench Directory

Question 8: The new régime abolished cantonal sovereignty and ________ rights.

Question 9: At the same time, the French General Balthasar Alexis Henri Antoine of Schauenburg marched out of occupied Zürich to attack ________, Lucerne and the Sattel pass.
ZugAarauSt. GallenSchaffhausen

Question 10: Together with local resistance, financial problems caused the Helvetic Republic to collapse, and its government took refuge in ________.
St. GallenBernGenevaLausanne


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