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Question 1: [58] Though the Messenians may not have triggered full-blown ________, they nevertheless pillaged the area and encouraged helot desertion.
Military historySiegeGuerrilla warfareAncient warfare

Question 2: [19] A certain amount of wealth was achievable: in 223 BC, 6,000 helots purchased their freedom for 500 ________ each, a considerable sum at the time.
Greek drachmaFrench francSpanish pesetaDeutsche Mark

Question 3: Having paid their tribute, the helots could often live rather well; the lands of ________ and Messenia were very fertile, and often permitted two crops per year.
Larissa PrefectureArcadiaDodecaneseLaconia

Question 4: Helots were encouraged by the Spartans to impose a ________ doctrine similar to that which they, themselves, practiced.
EugenicsNazi GermanyScientific racismThe Holocaust

Question 5: General article: ________
Slavery in ancient GreeceAlexander the GreatProstitution in ancient GreeceDemosthenes

Question 6: According to Herodotus, helots were seven times as numerous as Spartans during the ________ in 479 BC.
Second Persian invasion of GreeceBattle of PlataeaBattle of MycaleGreco-Persian Wars

Question 7: This affair, recalled by the Athenians in responding to a Spartan request to exile the Alcmaeonidae ________, is not dated.

Question 8: the mothônes were young servants charged with domestic tasks for young Spartans during their education (________, I, 633c), they remained slaves on reaching adulthood;
Bertrand RussellPlatoAristotleEmpiricism

Question 9: The first explicit reference to this practice in regards the helots occurs in ________ (IV, 26, 5).

Question 10: ________ in Hellenica (VI, 5, 28) states that the authorities agreed to emancipate all the helots who volunteered.
DemosthenesPlatoAlexander the GreatXenophon

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