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Helmholtz free energy: Quiz


Question 1: The Helmholtz energy is the negative ________ with respect to the entropy, S, of the fundamental relation in the energy representation, U(S,V,N).
Euclidean vectorClassical mechanicsDerivativeLegendre transformation

Question 2: From the ________, for a reversible process we may say that δQ = TdS.
EntropyExergyGibbs free energySecond law of thermodynamics

Question 3: Atkins' Physical Chemistry, 7th edition, by ________ and Julio de Paula, Oxford University Press
Richard DawkinsEnglandAtheismPeter Atkins

Question 4: A powerful approximation method is ________ which is a variational method based on the Bogoliubov inequality.
Partition function (statistical mechanics)EntropyMean field theoryStatistical mechanics

Question 5: A  is the Helmholtz free energy (________: joules, CGS: ergs),
Metric systemSystems of measurementInternational System of UnitsConversion of units

Question 6: While ________ is most commonly used as a measure of thermodynamic potential, especially in the field of chemistry, the isobaric restriction on that quantity is inconvenient for some applications.
Gibbs free energyStatistical mechanicsInternal energyEntropy

Question 7: In ________, the letter F is usually used to denote the Helmholtz energy, which is often referred to as the Helmholtz function or simply “free energy”.
PhysicsParticle physicsQuantum mechanicsUniverse

Question 8: U  is the ________ of the system (SI: joules, CGS: ergs),
EntropyInternal energyGibbs free energyThermodynamic potential

Question 9: Since the thermodynamical variables of the system are well defined in the initial state and the final state, the internal energy increase, ΔU, the ________ increase ΔS, and the work performed by the system, W, are well defined quantities.
Gibbs free energyEntropyThermodynamicsStatistical mechanics

Question 10: ________ for thermodynamics history overview and discussion of free energy
Internal energyEntropyStatistical mechanicsGibbs free energy


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