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Helmet (heraldry): Quiz


Question 1: Open or barred helmet, reserved for ________
NobilitySocial classGentrySerfdom

Question 2: The style of helmet displayed varies according to rank and ________, and these styles developed over time, in step with the development of actual military helmets.
Social statusSocial mobilitySocial classAchieved status

Question 3: [5] In ecclesiastical heraldry, bishops and other ________ use a mitre or other rank-appropriate ecclesiastical hat in place of a helmet.

Question 4: [9] The arms of the last ________ of Brandenburg-Ansbach consist of a shield with 21 quarterings topped with a record thirteen helmets and crests.
MarquessCountMargraveRoyal and noble ranks

Question 5: [5] A king's helmet, a golden helmet shown affronté with the visor raised, crowned with a royal crown, became adopted by the kings of ________.
HamburgPrussiaGerman EmpireEast Prussia


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