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Helltown, Ohio: Quiz


Question 1: Boston Village, was founded in ________, and apparently flourished until 1974 when a bill was passed by Gerald Ford, that allowed the National Park Service to create a National Park in the county.
18041806January 11900

Question 2: More recently, the myth has included the ________ in the place of Satanists.
Ku Klux KlanRacismNeo-NazismAntisemitism

Question 3: It is widely considered an example of fakelore, as the legends appeared after, and can be explained by, the mass eminent domain seizure of homes in the area during the designation of the ________.
West Sister IslandCuyahoga Valley National ParkCuyahoga RiverShawnee State Park (Ohio)

Question 4: Satanists have been said to practice rituals involving animal sacrifice at a ________ church off of Boston Mills Road.
PresbyterianismChristianityCovenant theologyProtestantism

Question 5: On ________, the National Park service bought several houses with the intent to demolish them.
January 1March 4July 20December 27

Question 6: Folklore has long associated the area with ________ and hauntings.
SatanismGnosticismBlack MassTheistic Satanism

Question 7: Others regard the Boston Cemetery and the Boston Mills Road bridge which is believed to be a ________.
Crybaby BridgeHelltown, OhioGoatman (Maryland)Jesse Glass


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